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Nhà Sản phẩmMáy đúc liên tục thẳng đứngSemi Vertical Continuous Casting Machine Lead Ingot For 12 Inch Billets
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chất lượng tốt Máy đúc liên tục ngang giảm giá
Great business partner, also great friend in China. Thanks for your help on my orders.

—— Mr Mohamed Sadani

Wuxi East China Furnace Co.,Ltd is one of my best suppliers. I appreciate their honest, and their good quality.

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Semi Vertical Continuous Casting Machine Lead Ingot For 12 Inch Billets

Trung Quốc Semi Vertical Continuous Casting Machine Lead Ingot For 12 Inch Billets nhà cung cấp

Hình ảnh lớn :  Semi Vertical Continuous Casting Machine Lead Ingot For 12 Inch Billets

Thông tin chi tiết sản phẩm:

Place of Origin: China
Hàng hiệu: Jingjie
Model Number: GVT

Thanh toán:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Giá bán: negotiation
Packaging Details: Packed in wooden case for outer packing
Delivery Time: 30 working days after received your payment
Payment Terms: T/T or L/C
Supply Ability: 10sets per month
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Chi tiết sản phẩm
Equipment type: Vertical Mode of production: Semi-continuous
Product material: Brass Mold size: 5 inch -12 inch size billets
Output: (2-10)T Maximum length of casting rod: 3M


Semi Vertical Continuous Casting Machine Lead Ingot For 12 Inch Billets​




a.  Maximum ingot weight: 2 tons
b.  Mold size: 5 inch -12 inch size billets
c.  Number of lead ingots: 2
d.  Maximum length of casting rod: 3 M
e.  Running speed: lead casting speed of 0 ~ 400mm/min (can be implemented micro stroke servo operation), Auxiliary operating speed of 0 ~ 600mm/min (to meet the working procedure time requirements)
f.  Drive motor: AC synchronous servo motor, drive motor power: 4KW.




holding furnace - Mould - vibration type casting platform - lead casting machine - cooling water system - electric control parts, etc..



a.  The bearing of the supporting screw rod adopts the reinforced suspension structure, reduces the load of the supporting point on the bottom of the screw rod, prevents the bending deformation of the screw rod, improves the ability of the wire rod to resist the bad working condition, and reduces the maintenance amount.
b.  With small backlash of spiral bevel gear to replace the straight tooth bevel gear on the transmission, not only improve the endurance strength, and the service life is prolonged, but also reduce the mechanical device in the frequent starting, even under the conditions of reversible operation process of backlash error and to ensure the implementation of incognito Cheng Fantui guide casting process.
c.  Application of full digital control of high performance servo drive system, introducing of the concept of horizontal continuous casting, stop, back to the vertical casting and improve the control level and Implementation Guide casting process flexibility, is conducive to the improvement of billet quality, even replace the mold oscillation and can overcome vary from person to person operation, improve the management level.
d.  To set the full stroke of the wire rod steel plate, to reduce the process of cooling water or magnesium liquid splash on the wire rod of the mother's injury.
e.  Pairs of silk threads using split combination structure, easy to maintenance or replacement of spare parts, and at both ends of the wire to set up the debris removal device, reduce the damage to the silk and silk.





a.  The lead casting machine servo drive adopts imported brand (4 kw Japan yaskawa servo system) of high torque digital ac servo system.

b.  Control the mitsubishi FX series PLC and HMI touch screen (HMI 10.4 from Japan mitsubishi is used

"True color screen, GOT - 1000), to digital touch Chinese graphic operation terminal, running state conforms to the process operation requirements.

c.  Set menu type of casting process parameters, can be a small stroke, discontinuity, a level only before the refund on this Concept of advanced technology in the continuous casting.

d. In digital meter long combined with dual control limit to ensure safe and reliable.

e.  The main components configuration, servo adopt Japan yaskawa, Japan mitsubishi touch screen, the remaining low voltage apparatus on France Resistant products.

f.  Lead casting field with operation box of humanized design and manufacture according to actual condition, may apply conveniently according to the casting operation.Sequential adjustment each casting cycle processes all link operation.

g.  The whole process of semi-continuous casting all control function has the possibility of manual control, regulation, so that the equipment debugging and production optimization.

h. Have with communication interface of the control system of furnace, automatic semicontinuous casting process can be automatically carried out, has since protection function, and can request according to the furnace communication implement emergency parking (emergency stop throwing).





The contract comes into effect within 50 days after delivery of the goods.





a. Two channel holding furnace Liquid discharge valve type 1 set With 7 or 9 inches
b. One channel holding furnace Liquid discharge valve type 1 set With 7 or 9 inches
c. Crystallizer 7 inches 1 set Contains protective atmosphere cover
d. Crystallizer 9 inches 1 set Contains protective atmosphere cover
e. Cooling water flow 4 channels 1 set  

SF2,COflow tank

6 channels 1 set  
g. Mg alloy semi continuous casting unit Effective 3 meters 1 set Including control system



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