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Nhà Sản phẩmĐồng nóng chảy lòSmall Induction Copper Melting Furnace Three Phase 5.0T Capacity 600V
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chất lượng tốt Máy đúc liên tục ngang giảm giá
Great business partner, also great friend in China. Thanks for your help on my orders.

—— Mr Mohamed Sadani

Wuxi East China Furnace Co.,Ltd is one of my best suppliers. I appreciate their honest, and their good quality.

—— Mr Pravinsinh K.Vaghela

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Small Induction Copper Melting Furnace Three Phase 5.0T Capacity 600V

Trung Quốc Small Induction Copper Melting Furnace Three Phase 5.0T Capacity 600V nhà cung cấp

Hình ảnh lớn :  Small Induction Copper Melting Furnace Three Phase 5.0T Capacity 600V

Thông tin chi tiết sản phẩm:

Place of Origin: China
Hàng hiệu: Jingjie
Model Number: GVT

Thanh toán:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Giá bán: negotiation
Packaging Details: Packed in wooden case for outer packing
Delivery Time: 30 working days after received your payment
Payment Terms: T/T or L/C
Supply Ability: 10sets per month
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Chi tiết sản phẩm
Product material: Red Copper Melting Power: 600kw
Rated voltage: 600V Phase number: 3 phase
Frequency: 60Hz Maximum melting rate: 5t/h


Small Induction Copper Melting Furnace Three Phase 5.0T Capacity 600V​



Major Technical Parameters of Equipment:


1 Melting furnace:
1.1 Total capacity of furnace 5.0T
1.2 Effective capacity of furnace 2.5T
1.3 Furnace voltage 380V
1.4 Furnace power 600KW
1.5 Melting rate 2t/h
1.6 Power factor after compensation: 0.95-1.0
1.7 Number of phases and connection mode of inductor:

Single-phase series-connection

1.8 Rated capacity of transformer:

900KVA water-cooled autotransformer (380V incoming-line, three-phase,

1.9 coil cooling mode: Water-cooling
1.10 Cooling water consumption: 5m3/h
1.11 Maximum temperature of furnace: 1500℃
2 Holding furnace section



2.1 Effective capacity of furnace: 4.0T
2.2 Effective casting capacity: Less than 85 dB
2.3 Rated voltage: 380V
2.4 Rated power : 250KW
2.5 Rated capacity of transformer:

400KVA water-cooled autotransformer

(380V incoming-line, three-phase,

no-load stepped voltage-regulating).

2.6 Power factor after compensation: 0.95-1.0
2.7 Temperature control precision: ±8℃
2.8 Maximum temperature of furnace: 1300℃
2.9 Coil cooling mode:




Date of Delivery:
To be delivered within 30 days after the contract becomes effective.

After-sales service
1. The main body of the equipment will have one year of free warranty, and special components shall be discussed separately;
2. During the trial-production period (within 3 months after equipment commissioning is finished), our company will dispatch a professional technician for follow-up service;
Within the warranty period, if fault occurs due to quality problem, our company will dispatch personnel to the site to solve the problem within 72 hours after receiving the notice;
After the warranty period of the equipment is expired, our company will offer effective solutions within 24 hours after receiving the notice, and will dispatch personnel for maintenance work if the user fails to solve the problem, only charging the cost expenses.
For annual overhaul of equipment, our company will dispatch professional technician to join the users in formulating the turnaround plan, free of charge;
Within the warranty period, our company can dispatch professional technician to the site to check the operation condition of equipment and provide field service.
After the warranty period of equipment expires, one return visit can be made on invitation once per half a year.
3. If our company has innovation and improvement points or constructive suggestions for similar equipments, we will inform the user in time.

Wuxi Huadong Industrial Furnace Co.,Ltd
Welcome to visit and inspect!
Contact persone: Angel Zhang
Contact phone:+86-13921168736
Email: wxzhangying@126.com

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