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High Speed Mini Steel Hot Rolling Mill Machinery 80mm × 80mm Billets

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chất lượng tốt Máy đúc liên tục ngang giảm giá
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High Speed Mini Steel Hot Rolling Mill Machinery 80mm × 80mm Billets

Trung Quốc High Speed Mini Steel Hot Rolling Mill Machinery 80mm × 80mm Billets nhà cung cấp

Hình ảnh lớn :  High Speed Mini Steel Hot Rolling Mill Machinery 80mm × 80mm Billets

Thông tin chi tiết sản phẩm:

Place of Origin: China
Hàng hiệu: BOLONG
Chứng nhận: CE
Model Number: Semi-continuous,Fully automatic

Thanh toán:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Giá bán: negotiation
Packaging Details: Packed in wooden case for outer packing
Delivery Time: 30 working days after received your payment
Payment Terms: T/T or L/C
Supply Ability: 2sets per year
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Chi tiết sản phẩm
Raw material: 80x80~200x200 steel billets Final products spec:: Φ10~Φ30mm hot-rolled deformed bar, cut-to-length 12m
Hourly output:: 8-20t/h Rough rolling mill: Φ400×1
Intermediate rolling mill: Φ300×6 Finishing rolling mill: Φ300×2×2

High Speed Mini Steel Hot Rolling Mill Machinery 80mm × 80mm Billets






Design basis

1. Raw material spec: 80×80×2000mm-200x200x2000mm

2. Final products spec: Φ10~Φ30mm hot-rolled deformed bar, cut-to-length 12m

  3. Hourly output: 10t/h



Rolling type and rolling mill configuration



Equipment characteristic

 1. Rolling mill stand adopts pre-stressed type. This type is high

    stiffness and easy to change roller.

 2. The rolling mill’s driving applies reducer and the duplex adopt

    two-grade reduction united gearbox. This type has following advantage:

    low weight, small volume, economical space occupation, low cost and etc.

    Gear-shaft material: 42CrMo forged, Wheel gear material ZG35CrMo,

    the box is of structural parts.

      3. Cooling bed entering adopts free of roller table pneumatic

    entering type, which has the advantage of light equipment, simple, low

    cost and easy maintenance compared with apron plate type enteringdevice.

      4. End-cropping and multiple-length flying shear adopt

    pneumatic clutch frequency controls speed, rotatory type. This type of

    flying shear has the advantage of low motor power, simple electric

    control and low investment compared with start-stop flying shear.

     5. The bundling adopts mechanical pneumatic combined type

    automatic machine, and the material for bundling is Φ6.5mm wire rod.


Process equipment introduction

  Qualified cold billet lifted to charging roller table by crane to arrive at furnace end of reheating furnace, then to be pushed into reheating furnace for heating by billet pusher. When billet temperature reaches to 1150-1250℃, billet will be pushed out of furnace by billet-out device; via furnace out roller table and working roller table before rolling mill, billet will go into rough rolling mill, intermediate rolling mill and finish rolling mill step by step. The final products will go through remained heat treatment device and be cut by multiple-length flying shear and then arrive to cooling bed for cooling by cooling bed entering device after speed-up roller table. After cooling, by cooling bed exit device, the products will be transferred to run-out roller table, and then go to cut-to-length shear. After cut-to-length cutting and inspection, the final products will be transferred to final product span from final product cross span inspection bracket and then being collected, bundled, weighed, labeled and finally stored.








Equipment list 

Mechanical part
1 Ladle turret/ladle moving car/ladle fixed support (determined by customers)
2 Tundish
3 Tundish car
4 Mould
5 Mould vibration device
6 Vibration drive device
7 Protecting cover for vibration device
8 Secondary coolings spraying frame
9 Secondary coolings spraying pipe
10 Spraying nozzle for secondary cooling water
11 Support roller device for secondary and thirdly cooling
12 Withdrawal straightening machine
13 Transmission device for withdrawal straightening machine
14 Universal joint
15 Rigid dummy bar
16 Dummy bar storage device
17 Guide roller for dummy bar storage device
18 Billet delivery roller table
19 Hydraulic billet pusher
20 Platform for billet collection
21 Flame cutting machine/hydraulic shear (determined by customers)
Electrics control system
23 Control system for mould vibration
24 Control system for withdrawal straightening machine
25 Effective control system for dummy bar
28 Control system for billet delivery roller table
29 Control system for billet out
30 Control system for central hydraulic station
Steel structure
31 Main casting platform
32 Casting platform
33 Platform for dummy bar storage
Auxiliary system
34 Hydraulic system
35 Discharging device for secondary coolings steam
36 Control system for secondary cooling water
37 Suspended operation box for withdrawal straightening part
38 Special configuration can be provided in accordance with customers requirements






Engineering Team

Mini steel hot rolling mill, rolling mill manufacture

This is our customer's plan, we will according your specific requirements to design and manufacture the hot rolling mill.

Welcome to visit and inspect!
Contact persone: Angel Zhang
Contact phone:+86-13921168736
Email: wxzhangying@126.com

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